Settling-in & After-sales Service

What are the things that I need to do or I can ask the landlord to do before I move in?

A thorough cleaning would be necessary. Ask the landlord to double check all the electrical appliances, phone line/internet set up, make sure they are all in working condition.

What is the move-in procedure?

Your property consultant will prepare a “Check-in Record” which containsan inventory list of furniture and appliances/facilities. The property consultant, you and the landlord will go over the property to check if everything is on the list. We would suggest you put into writing on this record any defect in the property upon move-in, such as cracks, spots, and other damage. The property management staff will help to check the utility meters and instruct how to set up the utilities. In the end, the landlord will hand you the key and the “Check-in Record” will be signed by you, the landlord and your property consultant. It is better to test the TV signal, internet, phone, main appliances, lights and door keys before you sign the record. If there are any outstanding issues, write them down and your property consultant will coordinate with your landlord to assist you in solving them.

Do I need to register with the local police station upon move-in?

Yes, police registration is one of the first things you need to do after moving into the leased property. You would bring the lease contract, your passport, a copy of the landlord’s ID and a copy of the landlord's ownership certificate to the local police station to register. The whole process should take no more than 20 minutes.

How do I pay my utilities (such as water, gas & electricity) and phone/internet?

Upon check-in, the landlord will hand you pre-charged cards for water, gas and electricity, your property consultant will explain to you how to use them. Water: For cold water, you would pay the bill at the ATM, for hot water and toilet water, some compounds use pre-charged cards, the others you can pay upon receiving the bill from the property management office. This will all be explained at your check-in. Gas: Charge the card at the Beijing Bank or the property management office. For some compounds, you have to go to the specified bank to charge the card. Electricity: Use the ATM or go to the property management office to charge the card. Phone/Internet: You would pay at the Telecommunication Bureau or nearby banks after the 10th of each month. In some compounds, it can be paid at the property management office. Again, these will all be explained in detail upon check-in for your particular property.

Where can I buy furniture?

IKEA might be the first thing that comes to your mind. To explore local stores, you can find modern-style furniture in places such as Easy Home, Qu Mei, B&Q and etc., If you are considering an unique style, Panjiayuan Antique Market sells everything from textiles by China’s southwest minorities to reproductions of contemporary Chinese art.

What after-sales service should I expect from ANQIhome?

Generally, if there are any repair and maintenance issues, you will first call the property management office to seek help. However, if you don’t speak Chinese or if the management office fails to solve the problem, our property consultant will coordinate in between the landlord and the management office to help you solve the problem. We will always be there to help you throughout your lease term.
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